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Suzanne Himka – Founder

Life Motto: Live Loved

Greatest Ninja Accomplishment: Being the first mother daughter duo ( with Jaleesa Himka) to win double gold podium in 15K and 3K at OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021. We made OCR World History! 

All about You:  

My name is Suzanne HImka and I am the director and inspiring force behind creating Warriors on a Mission. My greatest passion is sharing with others about the awesome power of God. Seeing that there were many other ninjas with a passion to share their faith, I wanted to create a space for ninjas to be vocal about their faith, and thus created Warriors on a Mission. The goal of Warriors on a Mission is to bring hope, joy and encouragement to everyone who attends and to help others see that we all have obstacles to overcome with the help of the Lord. 

I have been coaching ninja for the past 9 years, starting out in back yards of churches and schools running summer camps. I now coach full time at Lost Island Warrior Indoor Ninja Gym doing homeschool classes and coaching a large competitive team with many top world champion level athletes. It is my heart to train children not just in ninja but in their whole character by developing their whole heart, mind and soul. As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer I love to teach nutrition and proper mobility to the athletes. I have spent much of my life as an athlete starting gymnastics at age 5 and competing at a college level as well as  high school volleyball, basketball, track, and tennis and even a TV show winning performance on “American Gladiators” I got my black belt in taekwondo at age of 40 and have several world champion titles in several sports including the FINA Ninja Speed and Endurance World Champion and OCR World Champion as a female masters. I never let age stop me from chasing my dreams and goals. I live by the motto “ Live Loved.” I journey through life knowing that God loves me and there is nothing I can do to make Him love me more and nothing I can do to make Him love me less, it is not my work or hard efforts that earns me His love. It is a very freeing way to live knowing that I am totally accepted, totally forgiven and totally loved which allows me to find much joy in life that I can pass on to others. We all have obstacles and challenges in life, but I enjoy  living knowing that every challenge and obstacle is designed to mold me into a better person is why I consider myself a Warrior on a Mission to share that joy in the Lord with others! 

(James 1:2-4)