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Friday, June 9


4pm to 9pm

Rocky Mountain Calvary Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Warriors on a mission

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Who We are

Welcome to Warriors On a Mission, an incredible event where American Ninja Warriors come together to share their faith and personal testimonies. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to overcome obstacles in life by seeking guidance and strength from the Lord. Our speakers have battled some of the toughest courses on American Ninja Warrior and have faced personal struggles, but they have found hope and redemption through their faith in Jesus Christ.
At Warriors On a Mission, you will hear incredible stories of triumph and perseverance. Our speakers will share how their faith has been their foundation and helped them through difficult times. You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops and activities that will help you grow in your own faith and equip you to overcome obstacles in your own life. We believe that with God, all things are possible, and we are committed to helping you discover your own potential through the power of faith. Join us at Warriors On a Mission and let us help you find strength, hope, and inspiration for your own journey.

So much to explore at WArriors on a Mission

What to expect

Praise and Worship

Worship with Amerian Ninja Warriors

Ninja Panel Q & A

Questions from registrants will be answered during the Q and A Panel.

Ninja Meet & Greet

Meet all the ninjas before the event

Ninja Warrior Juniors

Meet the up and coming Ninjas from American Ninja Warrior Junior during the Meet and Greet

Autograph Books

Purchase a One of a kind Autograph Book

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Warrior LIneup 2023

Keynote Speakers/ Emcee

Daniel gil
Maggi Thorne- Zhanique Lovett - Nate Burkhalter - Nate Hansen - Elijah Browning

American Ninja Warrior Juniors

Julian Browning - Elizabeth Polsgrove - Cecily Rogers - Max Salebra - Porter Fagnant - Jaleesa Himka - Tyler Smith - Sydney Smith - Phil Folsom - Zuri Harrison - Asa Reyholds - Emkily Keener - Caleb Keener

Autograph Book

A One of a kind autograph book is available oNLY At Warriors on a mission & Summer Camp

A compilation of autographs from all the speakers and American Ninja Warrior & Ninja Warrior Jr Guests. 

beginners summer camp

Summer Camp at Lost Island

Summer Camp at Lost Island is the most fun your kids will hae all summer! Led by Suzanne Himka and Daughter, American Ninja Warrior Junior “Ninja Chef” Jaleesa Himka, this action packed camp consists of 5 days of active ninja skills with experienced volunteers and guidance from the pros! 
Friday is open to everyone to watch the ninjas in action! Limited space is available. Register today!

Full Details about Ninja Summer Camp in Colorado Springs

Preview what Summer Camp is like from last year's news!

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summer camp 2023

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The most fun your kid ages 6-11 will have! Summer Camp for Beginning Ninja Warriors.  

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Ninja Warrrior Membership at Lost Island Warrior INDOOR Gym


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